Mike Grubb, SGA President & CEO and Hank Linginfelter, Executive VP, Distribution Operations AGL Resources & 2015 SGA Chairman of the Board are both second generation Natural Gas leaders. Their fathers raised them in the industry. Listen as they share lessons learned from legacies of the past. How is our industry changed? And What has remained the same over the last 70 years.

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A continuing challenge facing employers in these tough economic times is staying litigation-free.  Compliance-based training programs are only a partial solution.  As a result of losing more lawsuits than they won after the federal and state EEO laws came into effect, employers adopted compliance-based training programs.  This resulted in employers winning more lawsuits than they lost.  If you had the best compliance-based program, theoretically you should win all your lawsuits.  But you would still have lawsuits because the focus of the program remained on “what not to do.”  
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