This course provides an overview at a high level of the different sectors of the natural gas industry to move natural gas “from drill bit to burner tip.” It also provides an overview of groups that have concerns for natural gas being utilized in the future. Lastly, there is an intentional focus on creating an elevator speech to concisely and convincingly share the passion that exists within our industry’s workforce.


  • Aleida Socarres - Florida Public Utilities
  • Greg Anderson - Atmos Energy

Influencer Outreach Initiative, Florida Public Utilities

FPU’s Influencer Outreach Initiative strategically targeted three different groups of influencers for their unique and valuable potential to promote three specific FPU programs: an existing community expansion, natural gas commercial rebates and the Company’s Economic Development Program. Then, through the ambassadorship of such influencers, the intention was to bridge the gap between the end users and the desired outcome in a manner that FPU could not accomplish alone. The three projects:

PROJECT: Hypoluxo Island Natural Gas Expansion

PROJECT: Natural Gas Commercial Rebate Program
TARGET INFLUENCER: Chamber Associations

PROJECT: Economic Development Program
TARGET INFLUENCER: Economic Development Councils (EDCs)


Architects & Engineers Outreach Program, Atmos Energy

In late summer 2013, Atmos Energy launched an Architects & Engineers (A&E) program in its MidTex Division (North Texas including Dallas/Fort Worth).  The ongoing objectives:

  • Establish / re-establish contact(s) with the design community
  • Create awareness of the benefits of natural gas to those responsible for facility equipment / fuel selection
  • Promote natural gas technologies as the best energy value in new and retrofit design

The program has been very successful, as our initial target was conducting one (1) A&E presentation per month.  However, as of 2014 year’s end, we conducted 28 programs, engaging over 500 A&E’s in the process.

The Communications Award Program is an award that recognizes SGA member company programs that improve corporate effectiveness through the use of communications. Each year the Committee selects a different topic for this competition, and in 2014, the topic as Culture and Employee Engagement.


The 11 companies who submitted programs for consideration, we all invited to present the key elements of their programs, along with the outcomes in terms of effectiveness.


Watch this video to learn from 11 of your peers how they developed an effective corporate communication program targeted at increasing employee engagement and advancing their culture.


This Award Program is sponsored by the SGA Communications Committee.

Arthur Corbin, SGA 2013 Board Chairman and CEO, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia presented the SGA 2013 theme for the year at the SGA Executive Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Presenter: Arthur Corbin

Kim Cocklin, SGA Board Chairman, passes the gavel to the new SGA Chairman, Arthur Corbin, SGA 2013 Board Chairman and Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia at the SGA Executive Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Presenter: Cocklin, Kim