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Techniques are taught and reinforced for setting and implementing a plan for improved Customer satisfaction.

Presenter: Henry, Vickie

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Industry Panelists : 60 minutes

May 19,2014

Joint session focusing on the collaborative efforts to deal with the exceptions and “out of the box” situations (Engineering, Operations & Marketing working together for the customer.)
Moderator: Randy Randolph, Vice President, SGA
Mia Haynes, Director of Customer Service Delivery, Piedmont Natural Gas
Len Mize, Director, Load Growth, SourceGas
Dan Dippon, Director, Marketing & Sales, Centerpoint Energy
William Peeples, Managing Director Marketing, AGL Resources
Kevin Webber, VP Business Development & Gas Operations, Florida Public Utilities

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Part 2 of the Customer Communication Skills Principals and Practices series.

Presenter: Debra, Ballard

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Grubb, Mike : 39 minutes

May 01,2014

Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association moderated a panel including Caron Lawhorn, Senior Vice President, ONEGas, Steve Lindsey, COO, Laclede Gas Company and Bruce Narzissenfeld, Vice President, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Fuels Operations, TECO from the SGA Managment Conference in Orlando, Florida. 
Learn perspectives from these industry leaders on managing & supporting change in today's natural gas operating environment. 
Topics discussed include:
What is change management & how does your company prepares for, deal with, and responds to change?
What change initiatives have you lead or are you currently leading?
What do you expect from employees during change?
How can employees be seen as early adapters?
What is the leader’s role during change?
Is it important to answer the ‘why’ question during change initiatives?
Have any personal experiences aided you in the change adaptation process?

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Ruth Ellen Kinzey, president of The Kinzey Company, presents this program which examines how you can improve your customer service performance. Learn why knowing what you are selling and understanding your customers are keys to delivering excellent customer service on a daily basis through communication, collaboration, and engagement.

Presenter: Kinzey, Ruth

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Up First…
DTE Energy Co. is doing its part to revitalize Detroit!

Brian Nuno, Marketing Program Manager, Major Enterprise Projects, DTE Energy

DTE Energy renovated a long-vacant Art Deco building into energy-efficient office space in an ongoing campaign to “energize” Detroit.  DTE employees have been helping to revitalize downtown Detroit in many other ways, such as cleaning up nearby streets and helping police strengthen security.  Register to learn more about their efforts


And then…
Alagasco School Outreach to Communicate Natural Gas Safety

Beth McKern, Advertising Coordinator, Natural Gas Education Coordinator, Alagasco
Pam Moore, President, Moore Syndication, Inc.

Alagasco, for many years, had little to no school education presence and wanted to reintroduce the important safety messages in a way that teachers would readily adopt, implement in the classroom and educate young consumers on gas safety.  Alagasco, the largest natural gas provider in Alabama, worked with Moore Syndication to create a school outreach program for the schools in the Alagasco service territory. Register to learn more about the primary objective of the program and the centerpiece of the program, The Energy Underground®, featuring the kid-friendly, dinosaur, Sniffisaurus®.

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Held on MONDAY, February 13TH, 2012, 10:00 – 11:00 AM CT

Several companies are in the process of developing mobile sites and would like insight into others’ experiences.

NiSource has already begun deploying its mobile site and has volunteered to discuss their mobile site experience and deployment efforts on a web conference. Amber Cole and Charles Crews are both with NiSource and will be on the call. They will talk for 45 minutes about NiSource’s experience and will open the last 15 minutes of the call for questions.

This web conference is brought to you by the SGA Integrated Communications Roundtable

Part of the Marketing & Customer Experience Conference.

Presenter: SGA Industry Panel

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Bartholmew Mongoven

May 05,2014

Bart Mongoven, President & CEO, Keyframe Policy Consulting, LLC gave a timely presentation at the SGA Managment Conference. He addressed critical issues facing the natural gas industry in today's high profile environment.
Topics included:
The changing way environmentalists and policy makers are talking about climate change
The differences between and among key gas stakeholders
The likely nature of the debate over natural gas in the coming years

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Part 1 of the Customer Communication Skills Principals and Practices series.

Debra, Ballard 

September 01,2010

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SGA Industry Panel : 81 minutes

May 19,2014

Joint session to learn fostering cooperation and eliminating barriers to customer growth.

Moderator: Randy Randolph, Vice President, SGA

Tal Centers, Division VP Systems Integrity & Operations, CenterPoint Energy
Connie McIntyre, VP Customer Experience, AGL Resources
Gary Rehm, VP Marketing, Atmos Energy

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