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Whether you are interacting with new clients or familiar co-workers, the key to maintaining relationships crucial to your business success is appropriate etiquette.

Presenter: Havens, Jeff

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These short programs are combined into one enlightening broadcast on three related and intertwined topics.

1. Coaching: Mina Brown, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Public Speaker
2. Mentoring: Sydney McQuoid, Career Coach
3. Getting to Results: Jones Loflin, Writer, Speaker, Corporate Trainer 

Presenters: McQuoid, Sydney ; Brown, Mina; Jones, Loflin

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Presenters: Your Industry Peers
Program Overview: As our industry ages and grows, we are seeing a gap in generations. Newer, and often times, younger employees are entering the workforce while many leaders in our organizations are nearing retirement. Our goal at SGA is to link people, ideas and information. Whether that is connecting face to face at a conference, over the phone, by text or email, we encourage you to find new connections and leverage the power of generations.

In this video short, hear from several industry peers and continue the discussion around leveraging the power of generations. How is your organization affected by the generational gaps and differences? How can we continue to help each other with the transfer of knowledge? ??

Visit the video library for Part 1 Leveraging the Power of Generations: 7 Hilarious short video scenarios & Part 2 Communicating in Your Workplace roundtable discussion

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Based on the leadership book by Ken Carnes, “Listen Up Leader!” this program will provide powerful insights into what employees want and need from their managers, supervisors and team leaders. It pinpoints the behaviors and attitudes necessary to be the kind of leader that they will follow to new levels of performance. When leaders take the time to understand what motivates and inspires their employees and what their expectations are for their leaders, and how to develop the interpersonal relationships with them, then they can be the kind of leader that employees are willing to follow.

Presenter: Carnes, Ken

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Managing the company’s workforce and talent during economic downturn will be critical to a company’s survival and vitality. With scarce resources and an existing aging workforce that is not physically and mentally engaged (employees not retiring but are aging out), what creative strategies and tactics must be developed and nurtured to ensure that there is knowledge transfer.

Presenters: Thoren, Jeff; Starbuck-Stamp, Sally

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Is “walking the talk” a tired old cliché or a bold new concept? According to a Gallup poll, 25% of U.S. employees would fire their bosses if they could. Why? Because many managers set high service standards for their employees, yet fail to abide by those same standards. If you are a manager, you are in an excellent position to lead by example. Your employees will only respect your authority if they observe your excellent “customer service skills” on a daily basis. Customer loyalty must be a top-down initiative. Learn how you can earn greater respect and increase employee loyalty.

Presenter: Swindling, Linda

Subscription: Network L&D Track

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