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Viewers will first learn the rise above the dysfunctional ways many try to deal with conflict; then they will gain insight on how to seek and reach common purpose through collaboration.

Presenter: Allen, Mike

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Russ Peteron provides tips for 3 critical elements of effective communication. First he shares insight that will help viewers gauge whether they are truly listening or merely hearing. The second segment focuses on how to effectively use body language to deliver the intended message. Finally, he shares tools for effectively resolving points of conflict.

Presenter: Peterson, Russ

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What are you talking about? Have you ever asked yourself this question when talking to a colleague or customer? This live web conference will share tips on how to resolve points of conflict in conversations. Participants will learn the 5 strategies for responding to conflict and communication techniques to deal with difficult situations.

Presenter: Peterson, Russ

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Diversity extends beyond the original definitions from years ago and instead has evolved to a philosophy that focuses on valuing diversity far beyond culture. Diversity is about demographics, profitability, and values. In this interactive web conference you will discover how to improve your diversity programs with open communication, employee involvement, and awareness.

Presenter: Hill, Hattie

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Havens, Jeff : 30 mintes

January 23,2014

Leveraging the Power of Generations: Q1(Quarterly Series)
This Month’s Headliner: Jeff Havens,
This training series consists of 7 videos and is designed to provide education about generational issues. 

Contact for a custom Instructor Packet if you would like to build your own workshop!

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Grubb, Mike : 39 minutes

May 01,2014

Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association moderated a panel including Caron Lawhorn, Senior Vice President, ONEGas, Steve Lindsey, COO, Laclede Gas Company and Bruce Narzissenfeld, Vice President, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Fuels Operations, TECO from the SGA Managment Conference in Orlando, Florida. 
Learn perspectives from these industry leaders on managing & supporting change in today's natural gas operating environment. 
Topics discussed include:
What is change management & how does your company prepares for, deal with, and responds to change?
What change initiatives have you lead or are you currently leading?
What do you expect from employees during change?
How can employees be seen as early adapters?
What is the leader’s role during change?
Is it important to answer the ‘why’ question during change initiatives?
Have any personal experiences aided you in the change adaptation process?

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A great idea is rarely good enough. Sound, well-structured logic regularly loses out to mediocre ideas from people who really know how to influence. This enlightening, research-based session delves into the human condition, revealing that the true key to influence is not intelligence or logic but an understanding of what people really value. Through a collaborative toolkit, this program delivers the tips and strategies you need to make people see the value of your ideas so you're well positioned to gain agreement.

Presenter: Lloyd Arnsmeyer

60 minutes

December 09,2010


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