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A boss’s job is to get results through other people. This video shows how to diagnose the real source of a problem and then take the necessary steps to get to results.

Presenter: Allen, Mike

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Mina Brown provides insight on the What, Who and How of delegation. She points out that while some managers may over delegate, the greater tendency to keep too much and not delegate enough.

The What – as much as you can.

The Who – the person who can be successful; the task or project must fit the individual.

The How – is up to them; communicate the What and the Why with agreed upon check points, then get out of the way.

Presenter: Brown, Mina

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Every workplace has employees who break the rules, perform poorly or cause disruption. But you can reduce the stress and frustration caused by these difficult employees.

Presenter: Mirarchi, Michael J

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