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Emotional intelligence is the key to successful job performance. It’s a set of eighteen different competencies that distinguish people who are effective performers at work from those folks who are truly outstanding. This session will boost you on your way to achieving star performance through self-awareness, managing your emotions, understanding the emotions of others, and managing their emotions. The first step is to understand what EI is, learning how companies are using it, and seeing the concept of EI come alive.

Presenter: Nelson, Debra

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Every workplace has employees who break the rules, perform poorly or cause disruption. But you can reduce the stress and frustration caused by these difficult employees.

Presenter: Mirarchi, Michael J

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Grubb, Mike : 39 minutes

May 01,2014

Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association moderated a panel including Caron Lawhorn, Senior Vice President, ONEGas, Steve Lindsey, COO, Laclede Gas Company and Bruce Narzissenfeld, Vice President, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Fuels Operations, TECO from the SGA Managment Conference in Orlando, Florida. 
Learn perspectives from these industry leaders on managing & supporting change in today's natural gas operating environment. 
Topics discussed include:
What is change management & how does your company prepares for, deal with, and responds to change?
What change initiatives have you lead or are you currently leading?
What do you expect from employees during change?
How can employees be seen as early adapters?
What is the leader’s role during change?
Is it important to answer the ‘why’ question during change initiatives?
Have any personal experiences aided you in the change adaptation process?

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