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Industry Experts : 30 minutes

February 20,2014

About Natural Gas” is a quarterly series that will highlight hot topics in the natural gas industry and how as employees we can continue to build our industry ambassador skills. Some of the programs in this series will be short videos, animations, and or live interactive webinar roundtables.
The February course will take a look at Hydraulic Fracturing and the key issues surround shale gas.
Animations courtesy of Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
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In this presentation, recorded live at the November SGA Executive Conference, Karen Alderman Harbert describes what the natural gas industry can expect from the post election political climate. Harbert breaks down the November election results, she discusses the fiscal cliff and gives an in-depth outlook of the new energy reality.

Presenter: Harbert, Karen Alderman

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Bartholmew Mongoven

May 05,2014

Bart Mongoven, President & CEO, Keyframe Policy Consulting, LLC gave a timely presentation at the SGA Managment Conference. He addressed critical issues facing the natural gas industry in today's high profile environment.
Topics included:
The changing way environmentalists and policy makers are talking about climate change
The differences between and among key gas stakeholders
The likely nature of the debate over natural gas in the coming years

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Dr. Economides, the keynote speaker at the SGA Supply Chain Management Conference, in San Antonio, Texas shares his expert opinion on the future of Natural Gas. Natural gas, at prices significantly below BTU parity with oil for a long time to come, will certainly play a pivotal role in world energy supply and will move towards becoming the premier fuel of the world economy. A significant feature of future gas prices is that they are likely to be technology driven, similar to oil prices, rather than resources driven. Shale production and widely available LNG facilities will unify the price of gas internationally and reduce its seasonality in the not too distant future

Presenter: Economides, Michael J.

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