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Elaine Parrish and Joel Zeff discuss ways to create a positive and innovative workplace.

Presenter: Zeff, Joel

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Presenter: Hawk, Richard

July 30,2013

Richard Hawk is an entertaining keynote speaker with powerful, life-changing messages. He gives safety leaders fun and powerful techniques to liven-up their safety program and that is the main goal of this workshop.

Through stories, exercises, demonstrations and songs, attendees will learn:

• What it means to imagine

• Why imagination is a powerful problem-solving tool
• How some of the great “imaginers” from the past and present (such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo daVinci and Steve Jobs) developed their skills
• Practical ways to hone their imagination and overcome obstacles that hinder imagination
• Ways to use their imagination to improve their safety program and add spice to their meetings and communications
• How imagination is a key factor in successful accident investigations

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Presenter: Industry Experts

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One of the world’s leading global futurists, trends and innovation experts with a massive blue chip client base, Jim Carroll is a frequent keynote speaker at major events and conferences, dinners, awards presentations and PR launch events worldwide.

Presenter: Carroll, Jim

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