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Our newest release offers select thought-provoking segments from the most top-viewed SGA Network video programs focusing on Knowledge Management.

In this 30 minute bundled video highlight, we’ll showcase what knowledge management is, and how you can start organizing knowledge within your own organization, thereby saving money and increasing productivity.

In this collection you will view the best elements from the following videos with Brad Kampf, Interliance Consulting Inc.

1. Future Workforce—Preserving Our Legacy: Every day the challenge of managing a workforce seems to be changing.  Many companies have begun to develop plans to address their retirement issues but retirement is not the only issue companies will be facing with regards to attrition.

2. Creating Pathways for Knowledge and Skills—Energy companies are bracing for an unprecedented challenge: Losing valuable company assets, their most experienced & knowledgeable employees, to retirement & other workforce demographic changes. Learn how to identify what knowledge must be captured, how to prioritize the most important areas and strategies to use for each.

 Presenter: Kamph, Brad

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Training Professionals Roundtable Presentation

Presenter: Cook, Judy; PSNC Energy

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Are you concerned that soon your workforce will face the impending, and recently stalled, talent exodus? Whether you’re an employee looking to grow into another role or a manager leading - this live web conference will help you understand the importance of measuring outcomes, not processes; and how to keep succession developments simple and realistic.

Presenter: Collins, Jane

Subscription: Network L&D Track

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