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Most people think of communication as the delivering of a message through speaking or writing while overlooking the equally important aspect of communications – the receiving. Receiving requires listening. Research tells us that we spend 45% of our time listening, but most of us are only 20% effective as listeners. Listening is the critical piece that can make or break your success. Many times the best solutions come from a collection of ideas from many individuals and that requires listening. This session will give the participant simple tools and behaviors to help them gather information effectively and enhance their communications/listening skills.

Presenter: McCullough, Karen

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Team building requires creating affinity and familiarity among team members, but more importantly, best bosses include them in the decision making process. Viewers will learn when decisions should be done by command (self), consulting with the group or consensus of the group. 

Presenter: Allen, Mike

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Building strategic relationships is achieved by making time to see, listen and learn from those around us. It's about taking what they have to offer and applying it toward our mission success. However, professional relationships are never just one sided, and should be looked at with an attitude of what we can do for each other as we move forward to achieve successful results in our work. This web conference will discuss tips and techniques for fostering relationships.

Presenter: Fisher, Donna

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Russ Peteron provides tips for 3 critical elements of effective communication. First he shares insight that will help viewers gauge whether they are truly listening or merely hearing. The second segment focuses on how to effectively use body language to deliver the intended message. Finally, he shares tools for effectively resolving points of conflict.

Presenter: Peterson, Russ

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Managing Your Competence We've learned how to "dress for success" and control our first impressions. But keeping on top of your personal traits is only part of the story of managing your professional image. People are constantly observing your behavior and forming theories about your competence, character, and commitment, which are rapidly disseminated throughout your workplace. Learn how to be the author of your own identity. Take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your personal image.

Presenter: Kinzey, Ruth

Subscription: Network L&D Track

How can we embrace ALL the many technological advances in our world?

In this 3 part video series learn strategies for success including:

  • Selecting Your Key Information Areas
  • Clearing Information Clutter & Emails
  • Create A System For Incoming Information
Subscription: Network L&D Track

Mina Brown, founder and president of Positive Coach ( presented an excellent program on how to give and use feedback. For many of us feedback is an unnatural process because our culture has taught us some rather ineffective ways to give, receive and then use feedback. This web conference offers guidelines to make feedback a more valuable tool in your organization.

Presenter: Brown, Mina

Subscription: Network L&D Track