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Team building requires creating affinity and familiarity among team members, but more importantly, best bosses include them in the decision making process. Viewers will learn when decisions should be done by command (self), consulting with the group or consensus of the group. 

Presenter: Allen, Mike

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Managers are faced with the task of building teams, developing and coaching employees, rewarding performance, as well as communicating, prioritizing and delegating work. As new managers transition into their new role, they are faced with developing new skills and managing people and processes. To be successfully in this new role, it is imperative that a new manager focus on issues such as; Developing and managing their transition plan with a built-in feedback loop that includes input from their manager, peers and new team; Setting clear expectations for their team with checkpoints for follow up and Engaging and cultivating a resource network .

Presenter: Damrow, Bruce

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Grubb, Mike : 39 minutes

May 01,2014

Mike Grubb, President & CEO, Southern Gas Association moderated a panel including Caron Lawhorn, Senior Vice President, ONEGas, Steve Lindsey, COO, Laclede Gas Company and Bruce Narzissenfeld, Vice President, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Fuels Operations, TECO from the SGA Managment Conference in Orlando, Florida. 
Learn perspectives from these industry leaders on managing & supporting change in today's natural gas operating environment. 
Topics discussed include:
What is change management & how does your company prepares for, deal with, and responds to change?
What change initiatives have you lead or are you currently leading?
What do you expect from employees during change?
How can employees be seen as early adapters?
What is the leader’s role during change?
Is it important to answer the ‘why’ question during change initiatives?
Have any personal experiences aided you in the change adaptation process?

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Is “walking the talk” a tired old cliché or a bold new concept? According to a Gallup poll, 25% of U.S. employees would fire their bosses if they could. Why? Because many managers set high service standards for their employees, yet fail to abide by those same standards. If you are a manager, you are in an excellent position to lead by example. Your employees will only respect your authority if they observe your excellent “customer service skills” on a daily basis. Customer loyalty must be a top-down initiative. Learn how you can earn greater respect and increase employee loyalty.

Presenter: Swindling, Linda

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Over the past 25+ years The RAD Group has asked thousands of supervisors and managers to describe the “Best Boss” that they have ever had. They were asked to identify the skills and characteristics that made them their best boss. Analysis of their responses indicates a consistent and predictable set of skills that are both observable and learnable. In this program we will examine what was found and the specific actions that can help all of us improve our leadership skills and the impact that we have on our organizational results.

Presenter: Ragain, Ron D.

Subscription: Network L&D Track

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