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Techniques are taught and reinforced for setting and implementing a plan for improved Customer satisfaction.

Presenter: Henry, Vickie

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Industry Panelists : 60 minutes

May 19,2014

Joint session focusing on the collaborative efforts to deal with the exceptions and “out of the box” situations (Engineering, Operations & Marketing working together for the customer.)
Moderator: Randy Randolph, Vice President, SGA
Mia Haynes, Director of Customer Service Delivery, Piedmont Natural Gas
Len Mize, Director, Load Growth, SourceGas
Dan Dippon, Director, Marketing & Sales, Centerpoint Energy
William Peeples, Managing Director Marketing, AGL Resources
Kevin Webber, VP Business Development & Gas Operations, Florida Public Utilities

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What do kids know about Natural Gas? Do they understand the benefits? When they grow up there WILL be LOTS of jobs in the energy industry. What is YOUR future in Natural gas?

Presenter: Kids 

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Christa Osswald, Lowe's Utility Program Manager, shares information about Lowe's utility partnership program.

Presenter: Osswald, Christa

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Up First…
DTE Energy Co. is doing its part to revitalize Detroit!

Brian Nuno, Marketing Program Manager, Major Enterprise Projects, DTE Energy

DTE Energy renovated a long-vacant Art Deco building into energy-efficient office space in an ongoing campaign to “energize” Detroit.  DTE employees have been helping to revitalize downtown Detroit in many other ways, such as cleaning up nearby streets and helping police strengthen security.  Register to learn more about their efforts


And then…
Alagasco School Outreach to Communicate Natural Gas Safety

Beth McKern, Advertising Coordinator, Natural Gas Education Coordinator, Alagasco
Pam Moore, President, Moore Syndication, Inc.

Alagasco, for many years, had little to no school education presence and wanted to reintroduce the important safety messages in a way that teachers would readily adopt, implement in the classroom and educate young consumers on gas safety.  Alagasco, the largest natural gas provider in Alabama, worked with Moore Syndication to create a school outreach program for the schools in the Alagasco service territory. Register to learn more about the primary objective of the program and the centerpiece of the program, The Energy Underground®, featuring the kid-friendly, dinosaur, Sniffisaurus®.

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From Social Media to Customer Engineering Design: Washington Gas Uses a Multi-Prong Strategy to Capture Multifamily Growth

Presented by: Colin Shay, Director Sustainability and Business Development, Washington Gas & Jennifer Eugene, Specialty Sales Manager - Specialty Sales, Washington Gas

High-Rise Multifamily Successes in Atlanta

Presented by: Dana (Danna) Godfrey, Senior Account Executive, specializing in multifamily, Atlanta Gas Light Company & Carl Garofalo, Manager of Energy Solutions, AGL Resources

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April 15, 2014 : 71 minutes

Natural Gas Infrastructure in Multifamily Construction: The Customer Perspective

Presented by:Jeremy Koster, Manager of Policy and Resources, Construction, Piedmont Natural Gas

The Gas Advantage Multifamily Program

Presented by:Josh Tingler, Sales Staff Consultant, CenterPoint Energy

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July 17, 2014

23 minutes

Residential Marketing Committee Best Practice Webinar:

Energy Efficiency Portfolios - Meike Hengelfelt, CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy (CNP) successfully promoted our Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) energy efficiency portfolios by utilizing a layered, consistent approach with our “Giving You More” branding campaign. During this campaign we were targeting an audience of approximately 1.3 million residential and business customers and trade allies in Arkansas (AR), Minnesota (MN) and Oklahoma (OK) utilizing a wide mix of media and promotional channels

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