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Reputations play a significant role in developing a successful career. They tend to develop quickly, and the further removed people are from an individual, the more their perceptions are based on hearsay. Reputations can enhance or damage a career. This program will provide information on how reputations are formed, actions to help individuals build their desired reputations and a process for getting feedback.

Presenter: Taylor, John C.

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Managing Your Competence We've learned how to "dress for success" and control our first impressions. But keeping on top of your personal traits is only part of the story of managing your professional image. People are constantly observing your behavior and forming theories about your competence, character, and commitment, which are rapidly disseminated throughout your workplace. Learn how to be the author of your own identity. Take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your personal image.

Presenter: Kinzey, Ruth

Subscription: Network L&D Track

SGA Network’s July video broadcast/webcast delved into embracing the cycle of change both personally and professionally. We learned the characteristics of the cycles and how to deal with them. This live web conference with Kim Woodward takes change to another level. We all have pasts and one of life‘s secret commands is for each of us to use our individual set of yesterdays well so that we can be renewed. Using our pasts creatively and well is a secret because no one tells us how important this life task is for our futures.

Presenter: Woodward, Kim

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Peter A. Land discusses how the winds of change have been with us since the beginning of time, but never have changes been so rapid, far-reaching, and impactful as today. Tomorrow they will be even more so. One of the greatest challenges for companies today is to create a culture of not only accepting change but embracing it with confidence and courage. Doing so will require everyone mastering discreet change management skills, which will ensure survival of the enterprise.

Presenter: Land, Pete

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Hard work doesn’t guarantee success. Our lives are filled with surprises and increasing complexities. Companies and individuals transition through cycles of energized, focused and directed peak times; flat, down times; times of transformation and reinvention and times for exploring and preparing for the next chapter. Exploring the characteristics of these cycles and learning to understand how to deal with them will help us better adjust and make new discoveries for confronting change in a positive and healthy manner.

Presenter: Schuster, John P

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Part 2 of a 3 part video series

Look for: Part 1 available July 1st Managing Information Overload

Part 3 on August 15th Using social media to create your personal brand

Target Audience: All Employees
Presenter: Ally Nevarez, Learning and Development Specialist, CenterPoint Energy

Program Overview:

Even if you are not a born networker, networking is an important skill that can easily be learned and refined throughout your career. Developing and maintaining a strong network of connections will not only serve you well and help you along your career path but, overtime, will allow you to assist others along their path.

In this video you will learn:

What Networking is and is not
Why Networking is so important
Who should be in your network
Strategies for developing and maintaining a network
Networking online

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Emotional intelligence is the key to successful job performance. It’s a set of eighteen different competencies that distinguish people who are effective performers at work from those folks who are truly outstanding. This session will boost you on your way to achieving star performance through self-awareness, managing your emotions, understanding the emotions of others, and managing their emotions. The first step is to understand what EI is, learning how companies are using it, and seeing the concept of EI come alive.

Presenter: Nelson, Debra

Subscription: Network L&D Track

The energy industry’s future prosperity depends on management’s capacity to create a development culture – one that engages and retains talent; one that promotes individual abilities over individual advancement; career resiliency over company reliance; and career empowerment over job entitlement.

Organizations can maximize the contributions of all employees by providing them with skills, pathways for growth and learning, and the resources to increase their opportunities within the organization. This overview will be directed at laying the foundation for the career development conversation.

Presenter: Kaye, Beverly

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Thursday, January 8

1 hour 1 minute

The SGA Network website has moved to the SGA Campus. Learn how to navigate the site to enhance your learning opportunities.

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Interviewing successfully is probably the most crucial element in advancing or securing a new career.  You must demonstrate in a job interview your values, traits, skills and experiences that make you the perfect match for the opportunity.

Whether you're interviewing for a new company or for an internal position with your current employer, you should plan to answer both traditional and behavior interview questions. In this video program learn tips and techniques on how to be successful in a behavior interview.

 Topics to be addressed:

  • Interview preparation tips
  • What is a Behavior Interview?
  • 3 Mock interview scenarios showcasing the good, the bad and the ugly!

Presenter: Roger Hulse

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Presenters: Your Industry Peers
Program Overview: As our industry ages and grows, we are seeing a gap in generations. Newer, and often times, younger employees are entering the workforce while many leaders in our organizations are nearing retirement. Our goal at SGA is to link people, ideas and information. Whether that is connecting face to face at a conference, over the phone, by text or email, we encourage you to find new connections and leverage the power of generations.

In this video short, hear from several industry peers and continue the discussion around leveraging the power of generations. How is your organization affected by the generational gaps and differences? How can we continue to help each other with the transfer of knowledge? ??

Visit the video library for Part 1 Leveraging the Power of Generations: 7 Hilarious short video scenarios & Part 2 Communicating in Your Workplace roundtable discussion

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Havens, Jeff : 30 mintes

January 23,2014

Leveraging the Power of Generations: Q1(Quarterly Series)
This Month’s Headliner: Jeff Havens,
This training series consists of 7 videos and is designed to provide education about generational issues. 

Contact for a custom Instructor Packet if you would like to build your own workshop!

Subscription: Network L&D Track

In "Making Change Happen: Leading Change with Passion & Success", Joel Zeff talks about how it’s hard to have fun and stay passionate at work during stressful changing times. Joel will guide us through how easy it is to continue working creatively, effectively and productively while dealing with change. What allows everyone to be successful and deal with constant change? Could I apply the tools toward other situations? I think change, more than anything, allows us to be at our best. We all have different job titles, but we all have the same job: we deal with change. We just have to change our attitude.

Presenter: Zeff, Joel

Subscription: Network L&D Track

This broadcast alters how people view their individual responsibility and elevates every participant to higher levels of leadership. Participants will learn how to take their performance to the next level and overcome inhibitions; the 3 laws of leadership and how they affect every area of life; what truly motivates people; skills that improve team communication; and the intangible quality that enables individuals to reach new levels of performance.

Presenter: Dodge, Bryan

Subscription: Network L&D Track

How we show up includes what we wear but also has a lot to do with our attitudes, energy and body language. Valerie Sokolowsky provides great tips for presenting our best selves while avoiding derailing habits.

Presenter: Sokolosky, Valerie

Subscription: Network L&D Track

This web conference sponsored by the SGA Technology Training Committee will take an in-depth look at how organizational learning is CHANGING and NOT CHANGING.

Several committee members / Natural Gas industry professionals had the opportunity to participate in general learning conferences including Elliott Masie’s Learning Directions seminar and the Annual ASAE Meeting (The Center for Association Leadership). We will review lessons learned from the sessions and how to apply those best practices to the natural gas industry.

Presenter: Industry Experts

Subscription: Network L&D Track

A company’s or an individual’s VISION is generally tied to its core values. Unless that vision and those core values are maintained and upheld on a significant basis, trust falters. There is a direct correlation between ethics and trust. A presentation on how to engage others, exhibit and elicit passionate participation in your vision. As a leader, manager, and employee you must stand up for what you believe. You must model the way with integrity, openness, and accountability.

Presenter: Barrett, Kayla

Subscription: Network L&D Track

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