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How can we embrace ALL the many technological advances in our world?

In this 3 part video series learn strategies for success including:

  • Selecting Your Key Information Areas
  • Clearing Information Clutter & Emails
  • Create A System For Incoming Information
Subscription: Network L&D Track

Part 2 of a 3 part video series

Look for: Part 1 available July 1st Managing Information Overload

Part 3 on August 15th Using social media to create your personal brand

Target Audience: All Employees
Presenter: Ally Nevarez, Learning and Development Specialist, CenterPoint Energy

Program Overview:

Even if you are not a born networker, networking is an important skill that can easily be learned and refined throughout your career. Developing and maintaining a strong network of connections will not only serve you well and help you along your career path but, overtime, will allow you to assist others along their path.

In this video you will learn:

What Networking is and is not
Why Networking is so important
Who should be in your network
Strategies for developing and maintaining a network
Networking online

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Presenters: Your Industry Peers
Program Overview: As our industry ages and grows, we are seeing a gap in generations. Newer, and often times, younger employees are entering the workforce while many leaders in our organizations are nearing retirement. Our goal at SGA is to link people, ideas and information. Whether that is connecting face to face at a conference, over the phone, by text or email, we encourage you to find new connections and leverage the power of generations.

In this video short, hear from several industry peers and continue the discussion around leveraging the power of generations. How is your organization affected by the generational gaps and differences? How can we continue to help each other with the transfer of knowledge? ??

Visit the video library for Part 1 Leveraging the Power of Generations: 7 Hilarious short video scenarios & Part 2 Communicating in Your Workplace roundtable discussion

Subscription: Network L&D Track

Natural gas companies are now using social media for recruiting, brand building, crisis management and community relations. Marketing, Communications, Legal and IT are partnering to get social media channels launched.

This panel of industry executives provides some real life case studies that are sure to spark discussion. 

Presenters: Jones, Chris; Pike, Arthur; Seitz, Jim; Womer, Scott

Subscription: Network L&D Track

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