Consumers are seeking low carbon energy solutions. Yet, most utilities that have set net-zero carbon targets will be the first to admit they don’t entirely know how they’ll get across the finish line by 2050. How can natural gas LDC’s proactively embrace customers seeking clean energy solutions. This presentation will look at how natural gas and the operators that provide it are a vital part of transforming regulated utilities to the new twenty-first century model that drives adoption of clean, low-cost energy, while optimizing the grid to enhance reliability, resiliency and security.

Responsible investing (RI) has moved into the mainstream as more investors seek to create a better outcome for community and our planet through investment coupled with positive outcomes. Whether new believers or long-term adherents, many investors looking to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their portfolios limit themselves to either excluding specific industry sectors or adding a fund at the margin. How can the natural gas industry 

Assessment tools are important for leaders to use to better understand the different behavioral styles of people and how to best communicate with each style. Improving your communication effectiveness with others is about understanding them and learning how to flex your own style – it is not magic, but when you master it, WOW – the results are magical! Extended DiSC is a psychometric assessment, not a personality test. This session will unpack Extended DiSC as a model and will provide communication skills that you will be able to use immediately to improve your effectiveness as a leader.