A great idea is rarely good enough. Sound, well-structured logic regularly loses out to mediocre ideas from people who really know how to influence. This enlightening, research-based session delves into the human condition, revealing that the true key to influence is not intelligence or logic but an understanding of what people really value. Through a collaborative toolkit, this program delivers the tips and strategies you need to make people see the value of your ideas so you're well positioned to gain agreement.

Presenter: Lloyd Arnsmeyer

60 minutes

December 09,2010


In this webinar, Beth talks about how to prepare for a performance discussion.

Presenter: Beth O'Neill

In this video, experienced mentor Scott Doyle describes how individuals can get the most out of the mentoring experience. He addresses several interesting questions from the mentor’s perspective, and he has a conversation with one of his former mentees, Sharon McCarter, to touch on the mentee’s point of view. Topics range from the qualities that make the most effective mentors to how mentees can take initiative throughout a mentoring relationship to how organizations can benefit from these mentoring relationships. This mentoring program also features a list of helpful resources for individuals who wish to learn more about mentoring.